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Enhance overall competitiveness and become the leading and world-famous OEM / ODM company

In addition to the robust capabilities of Keyboard / Mouse / NB module R&D, MONTEREY International Corp. is continuing to invest in consumer research, new technology, mechanism and hardware design, and sophisticated manufacturing process. The overall business competitiveness is enhanced by introducing different aspects of learning and new techniques with continuous innovation.

Provide premium products and outstanding services to always keep the customer satisfied

The company's communications team will provide the most competitive products swiftly according to customer's service needs at different stages. The organization will be flexibly adjusted and the resources of each department integrated to provide the most comprehensive services to the customers, maximize the benefits created by service cost to fulfill our philosophy 【Always Keep the Customer Satisfied】

Become the leader of Keyboard / Mouse / NB module R&D

In the past, our self-discipline and customer needs drove us to have several innovative achievements in the Keyboard / Mouse / NB module. We, however, do not remain content and are continuing to be innovative and supersede ourselves to actively develop the brand new Keyboard / Mouse / NB module. In the future, MONTEREY International Corp. expects to be continuously innovative in terms of R&D, production and manufacturing, quality control, and other businesses, and surpass itself to have better performance.