MONTEREY International Corp. provides a wide variety of customization services of Keyboard & Mouse & Touch Panel products, including the design of the core communication modules, integration of the communication peripheral devices, and ODM/OEM products for customer's brands to maximize customer profits. Customer needs are satisfied by providing professional R&D capabilities and keeping up with market trends.

Internationally acclaimed product design strength and software-hardware integration

We have insight into new technological trends, and develop R&D, hardware and software design, and manufacturing strengths of communication products. In recent years, we have been committed to the design and application of smart phones, and the research as well as development of LTE.

The product specifications are designed and developed based on the different requirements of customers.

Help customers make an analysis of the market and plan a series of products to grab market opportunities.

Great R&D capabilities for customization

Various customized products are provided based on the needs of customer target markets, including design of the appearance, package and product functionality to comprehensively meet customer needs.

High quality design and production management strength

Establish a robust quality control process: Strict quality control standards are developed for R&D and design, production, and outgoing inspection of the products.

Complete logistics, order taking, shipment processes and capabilities

Demand fulfillment and effective order management are used to ensure On-Time Delivery.

We have flexible production lines, material control and management strength to respond to changes to customer orders.