MONTEREY International Corp. has dedicated technological R&D teams that can provide outstanding integration design and manufacturing services for customers. These experienced R&D teams possess the development and integration techniques of industrial design, software, and mechanism engineering. They can provide various product services based on customer needs. MONTEREY's R&D engineering teams are dedicated to satisfying customer creativity and needs while remaining flexible and Innovation R&D technologies to create added value for customers.

Mechanism engineering advantages

MONTEREY International Corp. has rich experience in mechanism engineering and helps its customers use novel materials and manufacturing technologies to develop the products with high added value through computer-aided engineering design & manufacturing, precision manufacturing and machining, mechanism design, injection mold design, finite element method, precise measurement, design management, cultural interfaces, and display design.

Industrial design advantages

Industrial design involves designing products based on the knowledge of the aesthetics, engineering, and economics. As more and more attention is paid to the appearance of a product and good interactive experience, a good industrial design team should be innovative and understand the general performance of the mainstream products as well as the end-user needs. This team must also cooperate with other experts in relevant disciplines to create competitive and innovative products based on their professional opinions of the functionality, appearance and price, and understand the technological and market trends.

MONTEREY International Corp. has rich experience in industrial design and can timely offer professional opinions and suggestions according to customer's needs and creativity from the stages of new product idea generation to design and customization. MONTEREY's industrial design team has been recognized by many major international enterprises.